I am a programmer. That’s about all that I do. I also do so many other things that put together might make you say I am plainly an artist. But after all said and done, I am a programmer. I suppose to have a degree in computer science(i can’t remember if I do). But I program in Java, I use Netbeans, I dont like python, I hate PHP, I love erlang, I adore scala, I like C, C++ aint in my dictionary, I have used brainfuck to tickle my fancy, I know ruby, I hear of rails, I can network computers, I have read CCNA, I know asterisk, I love openser, I use asterisk, I am not funny, I laugh a lot, my friends call me Don, girls call me dork, haters call me dweeb, critics call me nerd, I might be ethical hacker, I love reading, I love science fiction movies, I have not read harry porter, I have not seen matrix, I used to have a girlfriend…..to be continued



  1. boye 's said

    gud work, Don,
    i need to consult my oxford b4 adding more comment.

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