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I’m not watching my language, if you’re a kid get lost
it’s time to bear it all
say something you might get attacked for
but without something to die for, what are you living for
every day we crawl on all fours
begging to get what’s for us all
we live in a metaphor
we’ve got thieves leading whores
idiots calling the shots
we celebrate flops
we’ve got no words in us
we all a bunch of cowards
there’s no place for martyrdom
only a tiny room with a metal door

how many more will die
or be afraid to fly
our youths idling by
cos jobs are a mirage
and thousands can’t even get by
the whores get bribes
the thieves take more than they can carry
the idiots fight and die
for a loaf of bread or a plate of gravy
the innocent? cops cop
the hospitals? no drugs
education? nothing to be taught

There’s no change, except in the thieves pockets
whores sell the future of their children
putting flops at the helm
Illiterate children become idiots causing mayhem
is there a way out? maybe death

No. That’s what we must say. No
We’ve had enough, now we know
what are we? a child, yet 50 years old
We’ve been a fool for too long, it’s time to grow
So we say No.
No, thieves can no longer be allowed to steal
No, we are not going to whore our future for a piece of meal
No, we are going to fight, but you have to lead the team


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