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Hosting large glassfish apps

I use primefaces. A very very handy UI Framework for JSF. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to use, the only BUT is that it’s 2.1MB. I am used to less than 100KB glassfish apps, so this is really a pain for me especially when I deploy. In fact I hate deployment ever since I started using primefaces. Everytime I need to deploy, it is 2.1MB of upload. If you live in my area where internet speed is crappy to say the least, uploading 2.1MB is really pain. At times my deployments take as much as 5 minutes. So I thought, there should be a way to put the primefaces jar file on glassfish(not bundled with the application). In fact I was looking for a glassfish equivalent of jre/lib/ext.

After some googling and some trial and errors, I found the directory. It is $GLASSFISH_HOME/domains/domain1/lib. domain1 in my case. In other cases it could be domain2 or any other domain you use. I put the primefaces jar file here and restarted glassfish and voila, we are good. But I have another problem. adding that path such that netbeans can see it and give me all the beautiful code completions. For now I have not found a way to do that because no matter what I do netbeans will see it in code, but for my xhtml files, I need to add the jar file to the project before I can have the netbeans integration.

I read somewhere that primefaces will be part of Netbeans 6.10. I hope that solves all my issues. But for now, my application has gone down from 2.1MB to 160KB. Deploying is fun again.


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