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iOS4 OR Froyo – What I think.

Now this is not to generate a flame war, no…that is why the title said “What I think.”. I will highlight some of the pros and cons I noticed and let you determine the winner yourself if you are into such things.

  1. WHERE CAN I GET SOME INFORMATION: The iOS4 is a winner here. Apple as usual have a page dedicated to it. And in less than 24 hours after announcements, google search for iOS4 shows you the apple page in number 2 or number 3 item on the search page. Not so with froyo, searching for froyo on google doesn’t return anything related to google. I am assuming I am not too much of a techie. anyway after trying several search strings and none is returning google page or, I headed off to myself. After looking around a while, I found a video and since my internet link is not so bandwidth excessive, I decided not to watch the video. On the apple page, you have all the info you need about the iOS4 and the new iPhone, on the android page, even the title doesn’t say anything about froyo, just android 2,2 and developers and stuffs. My point is google is not presenting information about froyo in an easy to get manner, PR is everything, apple knows techies can get information even if it is hidden, but what about the average user, the ones who constitutes the larger part of the market? so iOS is the winner here…
  2. MULTITASKING: This is a no-brainer, from the demos of the iOS4 I’ve seen, froyo is the winner here. It’s way way easier on froyo than iOS4 to multitask. Maybe when I lay my hands on iPhone 4G I will have a different view, but for now it’s froyo
  3. SPEED: This one is tricky, but I think the froyo still wins here by a fraction of a second when loading webpages. I have no tests to prove this, but from videos I have seen of both at work, especially when it comes to browsing. For now, let’s say it’s a tie.
  4. FLASH, JAVA, AIR, et all: NO brainer, froyo wins. Apple I know you hate Adobe, but your adobe firewall shuts out every other RIAs too…anyway, the reason why I am still a core J2ME developer and not a hope to learning OBJ-C soon, developing for android is like developing for windows….it’s everywhere.
  5. CLOUD: Although iOS4 doesn’t support some cloudy things out of the box? there’s an app for that. it’s a tie
  6. TETHERING: I can tether even my 3GS, without jailbreaking it. So it’s a tie
  7. EXTERNAL STORAGE(SD CARD): Why apple why? I know you have a 64Gig version, but an SD card costs far far less…its froyo again.
  8. BOOKS AND READERS: I am not sure there’s anything(app or otherwise) out there that beat iBooks. I have seen it on the iPad, and i have seen some demos. iOS4 wins here.
  9. OTHER FEATURES: Features wise, froyo wins, it has more features. accepted. My argument is does that make it better? I think NO. For example, I’ll take iMovie over Live Streaming Wallpaper any day any time. I’ll take FaceTime over video output anyday anytime. So this is also a tie, but I think I shift heavily towards the iOS4 side. It has features that the average user immediately want to use, unlike live streaming wall paper, or gcal syncing.
  10. CAMERA: I ask myself, which is easier and cheaper, to get a 8MP Camera or to get a 5MP camera and to build a software/hardware element that makes the 5MP pictures more compelling than the 8MP pictures. That is what the iPhone 4G packs. 5MP Camera (beats most android phones out there) and yet a hardware/software combo that makes the pictures look cleaner. iOS4 wins here
  11. WIRELESS KEYBOARD SUPPORT: This I am not sure of. But porting a keyboard for froyo(even if it’s not there) should be a piece of cake, but the iOS4 supports it. So also a tie, but leaning more towards the iOS4 side
  12. SCREEN: No brainer, no phone has the kind of screen the iPhone has, plus to date, no phone responds better to touch than the iPhone. iOS4 wins.
  13. GYROSCOPE: This one is a no brainer too.Just like the Accelerometer changed the way we interact with out devices, this is also a game changer and is as you might guessed first and only on iOS4. iOS4 winner here
  14. APP STORE: Finally. This I tell people is the only reason why I will buy an iPhone over any other phone. The APP STORE. That is the iPhone’s USP. GAMES on the iPhone can only be compared to games on the PSP. I convinced a friend to buy the iPhone instead of the PSP when I showed him some of the iPhone games. iOS4 is a winner here.
  15. OPEN: If by open you mean, show me the source code. It’s a tie. if by open you mean let me do whatever I want with my phone, (and let others do whatever they want with my phone too), it’s froyo. If by open you mean exposure of API tools to customize the device, it’s a tie. If by open you mean, please I don’t need you to tell me what I can do with my phone and how much I can customize it with my code, froyo wins.
  16. SUPPORTED OPERATORS: Froyo supports more operators(in fact not tied to any) but to use anything apart of ATT, you will have to void your warranty on the iOS4. froyo wins
  17. VIDEOS: No brainer, iOS4 wins. the iMovie has no mate. It’s in a class of its own.

Well this is as far as I can go. You can leave more comparisons in the comments.

And as you might notice, I sometimes compare the iPhone to Android phones and sometimes iOS4 to froyo, I didn’t want to separate this into two posts. So there you have it, my unbiased review of both. One thing I am excited about is that competition is a good thing. It will drive both companies to their limits and we the fanbois and fangirls will be happy.


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