Open Letter to Governor Raji Fashola: BRT

I write as a concerned lagosian who believed in the mantra “eko o ni baje oo”. Who believed in all reforms and attempts at making Lagos a mega city and putting her at the top echellon which is where she rightly belongs

To be frank, we are not there yet. But our believes, hopes and faith in the possible which I know drives you as much as us gives us a drive that pushes us forward like a freight train. We know that there will be obstacles but we are no longer afraid of them. In fact those obstacles should be afraid of us because this freight is not stopping until we get to the finish line. This I say to encourage and appreciate all your efforts and to let you know that “you are not alone”.

So many things are still not where they should be, but my concern today are brt buses. What a wonderful idea. For some of us we know that brt buses are about to change the way we view transportation. Months down the line, we are yet to realize this. I am going to itemize my concerns and views on brt buses, I am also going to try and identify some areas which I think his excellency should intervene.

  1. Most of these buses are in a delapitated state. I can not imagine that these buses are so young yet look so old. My first call of action therefore is to his excelency to please check out the states of these buses himself. Some of them are in such a pitiable state that they are no longer worthy of the name brt. They should be re-christened “molue”. So many have lost their in-built Air Conditions, some have been bashed here and there, some of them even emits smokes!
  2. Most of the brt drivers/ticketing officers are plainly rude. I know that the “customer is always right” anthem has never been song by government officials in the past, I think this should change. The managers of these buses (I mean the driver and the ticket officer) need to be taught this. We customers are always right. Even when we are wrong, we want to be told so in so diplomatic a way that it seems we were still right. As a provider of service myself, I should know what I am talking about.
  3. Third, I walk past ojota and Ikoyi and Berger and I see a lot of these buses sitting there while we still have numerous “danfo” buses that I wonder if  these “danfos” have been excluded from road worthyness test(that is definitely talk for another day). I believe we should have more of the brt buses plying Lagos routes and less of danfos and molues. I also will like to implore his excelency sir to pls look into the issue of road worthiness for our commercial vehicles, even the brt buses.
  4. I beleive it’s time we have a unified billing system for the brt buses. In my estimation, millions if not more go into the printing of those brt tickets whose lifespan is usually always less than 6 hours. Lagos I think is matured enough to have a card billing system. His excellency could call his consultants on technology matters to advice him on the usefulness and cost effectiveness of this card billing system.
  5. Last but not d least, if there is ever a monitoring committee for brt buses, i believe they are asleep. Maybe we should call on our friend Yo to help us wake them up. Please pour them water and after they are awake give them like six six strokes of the cane. I hope that will pass the message across

Thank you once again sir.

Concerned lagosian.



  1. Awolola oluwatosin said

    Hi sir,good dey sir hp all is well,i hear dat u and hon.tunbu u re fighting why,god dat join both of u wil not seperate u *amen*thanks eko o ni baje o

  2. seun lapie said

    hi sir,
    i am a graduate of Architecture and my final year project aimed at curbing the problem of traffic congestion and on street parking in Lagos state, Oyin-Jolayemi street, off Adetokunbo Ademola street, Victoria Island, Lagos, is something i am sure you will be interested in. i could not attach it with this letter, please i humbly ask for an address or page to send it to.
    looking forward to your reply.
    thank you.

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