As some might have guessed from previous posts, I am a nigerian and live in nigeria. This post is however not about that. I just found out today that if you live in Nigeria, you can’t play along with the rest of the world. In fact, it’s as if you don’t exist at all. It all started with online scams, and now the suicide bomb suspect.

As a nigerian, you can’t
1. Register as an Apple Developer to develop iPhone apps
2. Buy anything from Apple.
3. Register on paypal, so you can’t donate(I use free apps a lot and it’s a pain that I can’t donate to them).
4. No paypal, therefore no ebay.
5. Your credit card, even though is valid will be declined by almost everyone on the internet.
6. buy from amazon either.
7. Be a developer and expect funding, no matter how novel your idea is.
8. Have a decent chat on the internet without some1 asking you dumb questions immediately they know you are from nigeria.

grrrrrrrrrrrr……Now I know why guys run-away from this country…..I can’t wait to get the hell outa here!!



  1. Now…Now… Segun, I agree with some of your premises but your conclusion is hardly the answer to this…I know you as a patriotic citizen…but your conclusion definitely lacks patriotism…

  2. Thank you man, I’ll remember to cal you from the US. lol

  3. Its really a shame. i feel ur pain. we just have to continue praying for our beloved country

  4. IG said

    It’s a pity you chose to take the coward’s way out. Real men don’t run away from their problems, they fix them. That’s why I am not going anywhere, I want to be part of solution.

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