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Something for Medicine: Drugs Database

There is this project I worked on back in school with a classmate. Its a database of drugs. There is really nothing very spectacular about it, but the java programmers will immediately see how it was created….JAVADOCS.

The way drugs are arranged, it follows a form that can be easily represented by java classes. And that was what we did, after writing the classes, putting in Javadoc comments, we just created the docs, and what we have is this

This is far from a complete job, we have to kinda give up on the idea because both of us started pursuing other fields. But we are kinda coming together again to make this a complete project, with search capabilities and a complete drugs database.

There is nothing wrong with the current lists we, Just that none of them provide it the way we are doing, or better still none of them is taking the Hierarchical approach we are taking.

WIll keep you posted as we go on.


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As some might have guessed from previous posts, I am a nigerian and live in nigeria. This post is however not about that. I just found out today that if you live in Nigeria, you can’t play along with the rest of the world. In fact, it’s as if you don’t exist at all. It all started with online scams, and now the suicide bomb suspect.

As a nigerian, you can’t
1. Register as an Apple Developer to develop iPhone apps
2. Buy anything from Apple.
3. Register on paypal, so you can’t donate(I use free apps a lot and it’s a pain that I can’t donate to them).
4. No paypal, therefore no ebay.
5. Your credit card, even though is valid will be declined by almost everyone on the internet.
6. buy from amazon either.
7. Be a developer and expect funding, no matter how novel your idea is.
8. Have a decent chat on the internet without some1 asking you dumb questions immediately they know you are from nigeria.

grrrrrrrrrrrr……Now I know why guys run-away from this country…..I can’t wait to get the hell outa here!!

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