What’s wrong with JavaEE

I actually prefer using Spring and Hibernate. I call it Hibernating in Spring. I have never used JSF, I don’t use JPA, entities are a foreign word(may be alien is better) etc etc. So my knowledge of JavaEE was basically as much as will aid me in Hibernating in Spring.

From JavaEE 5, I decided to read the JavaEE tutorial, I was actually reading it when JavaEE 6 was realeased with Netbeans 6.8. I downloaded both and also downloaded the Java EE Toturial, Volume 1. I read this too. After then I asked myself, what’s wrong with JavaEE?

I mean what’s wrong like why do we need frameworks like struts, wicket, spring, etc etc. The JavaEE stack I believe is matured enough to handle all your needs. I really don’t know how JavaEE was before 5, but since 5, and now 6…..JavaEE is the bomb.

Now we have Facelets – I wonder what can be better than that. JPA, Transactions etc etc. Just for the fact that I hate XML and that the compiler can take care of annotation errors, JavaEE 6 wins. Plus the fact that Netbeans 6.8 has what we can call native support for JavaEE 6. I need someone to convince me that I still need to Hibernate in Spring.

Merry XMas to you all.



  1. Unknown said

    Hello, am in need of a nigerian JAVA + C# programmer, Got anyone?

    • The c# programmers I know don’t do java and the java programmers I know don’t know c#. If d pay is right anyway u can get a java programmer who has a little experience in .net >>>> me. Lol

      • Guy!!! You were asked to recommend and what did you do??? You recommended yourself…Lol!!!

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