iPhone not Charging.

I have this problem with my iPhone, Whenever I run the battery down to less than 20%, the phone won’t charge again when I plug it in my MAC. But if I plug it in windows it will charge, if and only of the windows box is not been used. If the windows PC is in use, then no charging for iPhone. Of recent, the iPhone started behaving very funny too. Sometimes, the MAC will charge it sometimes it won’t. So I decided to look for reasons why.

First I note that when the battery is below 20%, before you plug it in, shut it down first, then plug it in and everything will be fine. Next, The iPhone will charge if iTunes is not running before you plug it in. If iTunes is running, then you have to close iTunes and open it again, and iPhone is charging. Next I also noticed that most of the electric chargers that ship with the iPhone will not work for you once you jailbreak the iPhone.

The iPhone is a great product, but when people complain about the battery, I think it goes beyond the mere fact that it runs down quickly, the battery of the iPhone is generally shitty, You will be surprised at the vast amount of people who have posted online about this(google is your friend) and yet, apple seems to not want to do anything about it! Although this problem of not charging seems to be experienced by mostly people who jailbroke their iPhones.

Anyway, after about 4hours, today I now know exactly the voodoos I have to invoke to make the iPhone charge anytime anyday anywhere…..I pity the less tech savvy people who use jail broken iPhones.


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  1. mark cameron said

    well, regardless. you should (if you buy an iphone) stop by seego.com. we have a full linklist of iphone optimized web apps that are free and we don’t run ads on the site.
    the best linklist there currently is for iphone. bar none.

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