Java ME EA on MAC

This is my experience with the JavaME EA for MAC OS. I am using 10.5.8(Leopard).

At first it was a God sent that we now have a tool from sun. Using Netbeans and mpp-sdk kinda sucks, but it was all I have got. After the download, which went without incidents, I ran the EA for the first time and it blew all the whistles and knock all the bells. I immediately opened a sample app and run it, It ran well without incidents. Then out of the blue, I got the first error.

When trying to run ANY application, it will return with an exception/error message that it can not connect to device 0, or any of the devices I used at that. I googled and all the responses were not helping me at all. At last I did the unthinkable, guess what that is? I restarted my MAC. I have not done that in a looooooong while so it took some time before the system actually finished the restarting process and voila, my EA was back online. But not for long!

Next, EA takes it upon itself to just DIE for no reason. I run an app, and the next thing is the EA has stopped working un-expectedly. I also tried googling, but no result. So I started fooling around. I went to tools and refresh the SDK under platforms and voila again, EA stops dying. But again, that was not all.

Next I noticed that after running an app for about 6 to 10 times, EA will stop working saying it has run of memory. I tried to close all applications while running EA but, duh! after about 6 to 10, sometimes 15 runs, it will stop working with the same out of memory error. The annoying thing is, it won’t even quit. I will have to use force quit(windows version of CTRL + ALT + DEL).

I am yet to solve this problem, and I don’t think I will ever solve it until the next version comes out. Looking back however to the days of mpp-sdk and Netbeans, I think I still prefer the EA, At least I can do Bluetooth without having to buy some licence from some people.

All in all, I give Sun +1 on this. It is really something all MAC developers have been asking for since time immemorial. All that remains is perfection. And if I remember correctly, in software, attaining perfection is an eternal process. No software is perfect until it is dead.

One thing I will give kudos to the EA guys for again is that, all projects created on Netbeans also works perfectly on EA, be it from windows or linux. +1 to you guys again on that.

Finally, EA is a good product. If you are a MAC J2ME developer, you will enjoy this IDE.



  1. Damola Olajide said

    I use a mac too. mac os x (leopard) has a funny way of not collecting recently allocated memory (actually marking them as in use) and the jvm heap size hardly grows smaller on mac. I don’t do j2me,but will advice you to increase the default and maximum heap size available to the jvm. I had a similar outofmemory issue sometime back (when developing portlets) and had to keep manually running the garbage collector in netbeans.


  2. neptunephoenix said


    How do you test your Bluetooth Demo. I am getting “MIDlet suite is already running.” error when trying to initialize client.

    Run midlet,
    Initialize as Server,
    Run midlet again….ERROR “MIDlet suite is already running.”

    • in 3.0, you can only run one emulator at a time, so what you do is run the project the second time using a different emulator.

      • neptunephoenix said

        Thanx mate,

        I did figure it out…

        It was in the “Getting Started” guide.

        I don’t know, how I missed it.

        Thanx a lot for your help.


      • je said really helped me.

  3. I do not want to be a programmer but I want to learn about it.

  4. i am running Ok said

    MY mac pro:XEON 2.66*4 RAM4gb osx1056. i am running ok , I mainly tested Bluetooth Demo , and some other Network demos. while doing this, in terminal I found SYS memory has 1gb left and java took about 100mb(I am running a lot of other programs).
    But I got problems in read/write file systems, always said that “root not found “.
    and I got a big question: in J2ME SDK there is a “device selector” which is useful in running multiple Midlets, However this no such thing in NetBeans .

    • this is what i do now. I still use the EA, but I use it just to build, I run my apps on Motorolla SDK. I found out that you get the memory thingys only when you run. So I just build on EA now.

  5. mohsen said

    how can i run different emulator?

      1. Build your project – very important don’t forget
      2. Right Click on the project
      3. Chose Run With
      4. Select your emulator
      • mohsen said

        thanks a million

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