Programming VS Movies

When fully charged, My MAC battery lasts for about 5 hours when watching movies. I normally use VLC player and not QuickTime. Last night I checked, when fully charged I can watch three 90mins movies and still have about 20mins or less left on the battery.

But today I was running Netbeans, and when doing so, I also try to run as little applications as possible, just iTunes(I love to code and listen to music), Thunderbird(in case I have any incoming mails), Adium(Although I always put myself in invisible whenever I want to do serious coding), Colloquy(IRC, can I do without it?), and Safari(for javadocs). The apps I dont run when I am coding are Tweetie, Notes, NeoOffice, Preview, TextEdit. Most or all of these are usually opened whenever I am not coding.

So today, I run Netbeans as usual and Firefox. I didn’t run thunderbird, I didn’t run Safari, Adium was not opened, neither is colloquy…I actually wanted to code, and nothing more. To my wildest surprise, from fully charged to empty is a trifle 3hours 40mins(give or take 10mins).

So not only did coding have a high mental effect on humans…causing our minds to run at full speed. It does same to machines too. Maybe its the key presses, or the continous process of building and running and testing and building and testing and runing etc, or what exactly could make coding more battery hungry than watching a movie?.

I wonder.



  1. Luis Henrique said

    That’s weird, I thought watching a movie would consume more energy…
    I think the high consume come from the compiling process cause it use more the CPU…


    // Henry

  2. Brutus Beefcake said

    Smart people use The KMPlayer to watch movies. It is far superior and uses less battery juice. Work Smart. Stop being so stupid.

    • this KMPlayer you are talking about? does it work on a mac? never mind I will google it. But you seem to be very attached to it, Some people will agree with me that smart people don’t always think others are not as smart because they use a NOT-TOO-POPULAR movie player. 😀

  3. Mehul Soni said

    Yes, I agree with you !
    Coding (and of course building, testing and deploying…) will take more resources than watching a movie or listening a music.
    As far as i know, one of the reason behind this is heating!
    because programming will take more resources it will keep the processor busy, hence will generate more heat and to cool it down CPU fan has to work much harder than in case of watching a movie… 😉


    this is because when using Netbeans, the IDE starts many other resource consuming Applications like the Application servers and database servers. putting all of them together while working poses a serious multi tasking burden on the processor and hence, power consumption.

  5. Igbe Tobore said

    There are a a lot of resources used up when starting up or using netbeans but it is not compared to the power consumption used up when watching movies.I always enjoy building application using netbeans and I also enjoy training people on how to use this great tool.

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