I’m in love with my Stereo. No My Netbeans

If there is one trait common to all developers that I have met, it is their love for art. Topmost is the love for music, good music. Ranging from pop to rock to r&b, most programmers love music. The question is when shall we have an IDE that integrates playing music files by default? at least mp3. I was really hoping netbeans will be the first to take this initiative, but till date no one is talking about it. If you really support me on this, lets make a lot of noise about it. Lets twitter it, blog about it, post questions about it, and maybe someone will just listen and give us native support for playing music in Netbeans. I know you can write a plugin, but I think I prefer if it comes bundled with the IDE itself. I have a few things I will love to see.

1. Support for Streaming from sites like last.fm

2. Support for downloading and playing podcasts

3. Support for playing popular(ogg) and less popular(wma) file formats. 🙂 lol, at least you get the picture.

4. Support for online radio. and more

I have just tweeted about this, you can join me by retweeting, or simply make your own tweet. Maybe in 6.8 or 6.9, our wish shall be granted.



  1. Geoffrey Mutisya(Kenya) said

    Trully, the programming in netbeans proves more in future. I personally i love programming specifically in this cross platform programming language. I really believe that in short time, we shall have it with all capabilites and thats when we shall develop more powerful systems.

  2. This will truely be a cool feature to have in netbeans. Peharps the collaboration feature in netbeans will allow developers see what other developers are listening to and if possible even share files where copyright infrigment does not arise. Come to think of it Segun I never thought of this. This will reduce the no of applications opened and running at the same time.

    • Music Sharing? that will be soooooo cool. Have you tweeted about this. I want to believe our tweets will be heard. Another thing comes to my mind now, support for viewing lyrics from sites like lyricswiki.org. This music-player will definitely make Netbeans not just the IDE you need, but the coolest IDE on earth!

  3. Chris said

    Ugh, no. Great programs/websites already exist for playing and sharing music, and thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can actually have them running at the same time as your IDE. Let’s focus on making the IDE great for programming and leave the secondary tasks to applications better suited for them.

  4. Julio Aguilar said

    I really wanna believe this is a joke.

    • The truth is, you are almost right, It all started as a joke. But I think I might just build a simple plugin for playing mp3 files. Put on on the status bar down. Simple as in play, pause, next, previous. Specify a folder where your music files are, and you are ready to go. Nothing as funky as sharing music and all that.

  5. This IDE,I must confess is a bomb,Its not just the future but its today,as well.
    I think the observation about programmers and music is credible:i am a living evidence.
    I just love this language so much and its indeed a ‘free and open’ gift to the world.
    I would love to be a part of this project – lets codename it ‘duketune’!
    Am happy Africa is a party to this FLOSS movement.

  6. Parampreet Dhatt said

    I don’t understand why you would need an IDE to play music when you can have a music player running simultaneously playing music while you do coding.

    Instead of wasting time and bloating the IDE implementing something like this, efforts can be better directed towards improving the IDE so that it can better serve the needs of programmers, something it’s been built to do.

    • well, you might not understand. When I was using Windows, whenever I start Netbeans, I quit all other programs, especially Media Player. Now I don’t have that problem anymore, but some guys still do. The thing most programmers I know listen to music and code at the same time. It depends on the way you are looking at it anyway.

  7. Tope Faro said

    Well to be BLUNT i’ll say a BIG NO!!! Netbeans is already feeling to heavy on my system already and I believe its due to its robustness and my greediness to even include features i might not neccessarily use immediately.

    So let the OS apps play the music and Netbeans focus on giving a good developing experience and probably reduce the generated Matisse codes…

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