I Just got a MAC

I have been trying to get one since as long as I can remember. Anyway, I got one now…and its quick, very quick to see the shortcomings of windows when using a mac, here are some: I don’t have to click a zillion times(sorry I exaggerate, maybe 6times or more) to perform the basic tasks. I dont have to click start when I really want to shutdown(lol), I have a control panel that is not confusing(even MAC beats some linux distros here), multi touch mouse pad, dashboard that actually is a dashboard, and not something that gets in your way, I don’t have to mention slick design, ease of installing softwares(although I have to pay through my nose for some of them). But its not all heaven and paradise. I have some things against my mac. No home and end keys, no pgup and pgdn keys(anyway I prefer my multitouch keypad to pdup and pgdn). Aside these, all the others are my own undoings, like it took me a while to locate the terminal(my bad), it also took me a while to be able to use iSight(in built camera)(also my bad).

But all in all, I think the MAC OS is the best OS in the world. I have been trying to write the “one OS to rule them all” blog for a while, and I think now I can write it. I see my MAC as combining the power of UNIX with great and intuitive GUI on a very good hardware.

And to crown it all, there is a netbeans for MAC. So all my codes still work. I got everything up and running in no time at all.

To mimic someone we all know “Its really a great great great experience. I hope this ecstasy will last for a long long long time.”




  1. spencerMatthewp said

    Regarding home and end: Mac does have it. Command(apple)-Right, Command(apple)-Left. That gets you to the end or start of the line. There are similar key strokes for words, but I don’t remember them off the top of my head. Any way. I made the switch about 2 years ago, and as a developer that was my biggest gripe. You get used to it in about 2 weeks.

  2. Kernie said

    Yet another Windows-bashing rant. IMHO, Microsoft did a rather decent job (if overpriced, but that’s no big deal compared to Mac) with Vista, and that’s what I use. So all my comments are with respect to it.

    > “…and its quick, very quick to see the shortcomings of windows when using a mac, here are some: I don’t have to click a zillion times(sorry I exaggerate, maybe 6times or more) to perform the basic tasks. ”

    I wonder what “basic tasks” you’re doing that would need all that clicking – playing Minesweeper?

    > “I dont have to click start when I really want to shutdown(lol), …”

    Dude, that joke is sooo old now.

    > “I have a control panel that is not confusing”

    Two words: INSTANT SEARCH

    > “… ease of installing softwares”

    Gimme a break man! I’d have to ask what version of Windows you’ve been using: Win 3.1 or what? Ah well, long live the Micro$$oft Haters Club.

    • ur comments are really funny, but if you use vista, even though you are the administrator, try to change the desktop background, or install an application straight from firefox downloads…can’t really remember all those things now….but really the number of clicks I do on Vista is like a zillion compared to the number of clicks I have to do here.

      Instant search also works if you have a 2gig ram and core2duo. anything less, you will blame yourself for trying it. I have someone in my office who couldn’t believe we use the same system(i installed XP on mine and he uses the Vista that came with his). His system gets slower by the day. And if you think installing softwares on windows is as easy as installing sofwares on a mac, you got to be kidding. I have always give it to windows program management, but please try a mac.

      One thing I didn’t know when I was writing that blog is AppleScript, please “bat files” are so old some people don’t even know they exist.

      The truth is, I might have paid through my nose for this MAC, but its worth every penny….every single penny.

      There are its downsides too, like right-clicking and stuffs I have learnt to do from my days on windows/linux, but my friend, who I use as a litmus test for OSes, and who love windows to a fault agrees after 2hours on my MAC that it was worth it. He even said he wont mind having one himself.

      BTW. When writing this reply, I expanded the textarea so much I dont have to scroll…that is another plus for MAC.

  3. Once you go Mac, you never go back!

    I got my first Mac about a year ago and I would never be able to go back. When you turn on the machine you just feel like it is made for you! I’ve used KDE, Gnome, Windows (any version), OS/2, and only KDE and Gnome gets close to the experience you get when working on a Mac. It is simply superb, especially for developers!

  4. Luís Miranda said

    Congratulations! Some useful key combinations for programming:

    Move the cursor forward/backwards by one word: Alt+Left / Right arrow
    PageUp/PageDown: Fn+Up/DownArrow
    Home / End: Cmd+Left / Right arrow
    Top / Bottom of page: Cmd+Up / Down arrow
    Brackets: Alt+8 / 9
    Curly braces: Alt+Shift+8 / 9

  5. Alex Cruz said

    Come on man, there’s nothing like Mac Os, I use linux since 1995, I worked all kinds of windows, there’s no way it gets even closer of a MAC experience, I really think exactly like you, is the awesome unix world on a intuitive, beautiful, easy and complete interface, leopard is just unbelievable, don’t loose your precious time trying to explain the goods of mac style to a Vista user, come on Dude Vista is awful, they just can’t understand what we are talking about. Congratulations for your new computer, java is out of this world, because I develop on mac, and have customers to use the same software on windows and linux, so amazing. 🙂

    • Thanks. My MAC experience keep getting better and better. What with my battery lasting 4hours when its fully charged? That, my friends is the definition of awesome.

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