Bing Is Not Google

There is a popular drug in Nigeria called panadol. The manufacturers have this funny advert and the last line says “if no be panadol, he no fit be like panadol” meaning if its not panadol, it can not function like panadol.

I have read a lot of posts online about bing and truthfully most of these posts looks like microsoft sponsored to me. Bing is an awesome search engine, the best thing from microsoft in years. But to say because it has a few features that Google didn’t have makes it better than Google, please say something else. Here is my 2cents on the bing issue.

Bing’s features are OK, I used it for some time too, just to get a feel of it. It is a very good product keeping in mind that it is coming from the same stables that produced Vista. But I have to go back to google after a while. Apart from the fact that google is an habit, “if no be google, he no fit be like google”. I will show you a few examples.


type without the quotes “define:dashboard”, then “define:netbeans” and then “define:java”. I use this feature often, because it not only helps me with definitions but also with spellings. If you dont see any difference, lets move on to the next

type without the quotes “1cm in m”  bing wont do the conversion for you and it wont even suggest that you should type “1 cm in m” instead. Obviously the space between 1 and cm is very important for bing to work. But at least tell me so. It was when I was composing this post that a friend pointed out that i need the extra space between 1 and cm. lets go on

type without the quotes “filetype:PDF softpedia” “filetype:PDF”. The results speak for themselves. When I want to download something from a site, I also use this feature.

other ones I have come to use often are, weather:Lagos and lots more.

My point is, it is not about the search or the fact that I can preview sites and videos(I have firefox plugins that does that, I almost felt it is normal) or that you can show me search history or that you have a finer homepage, or that you have nifty shortcuts for doing things, it all boils down to the things you are used to doing, habit. Say what you might, I know people who still use IE6, out of habit. Bing is a very good search engine, better than most competitors and competition is good. But at this stage if anyone think bing is better than google, I also think the person should re-evaluate. I work in an IT company and we also have non-technical staff members. I asked them their opinion and 90% of them believed google is better. I asked them to continue using bing for two days and after then about 80% still prefer google. These are the same people who prefered firefox over IE6 in the first 30mins of use. If anyone think microsoft will have it smooth as it does with netscape, they should rethink. I just hope this is not another Zune project. This post is a 2007 post comparing Zune and iPhone. The writer definitely knows better now. Time will tell…time will tell.


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