If there was ever a device like that, I would be running at full speed, say around 400 to 500 KM/h. I used the F words, B words and any other profanity you could think of. I say b..lshit without blinking an eye, My use of f..k is underrated if you say I used it like 1000times a day. I am wondering if this is a trait of programmers or I am just being naughty…..

Let me give you an example, when I am working on something cool and I got it working, I will look at myself and say I am f..king bad guy, or say I am the bada** hacker. If it aint working you will hear me saying**t over and over and over….you will also hear me saying f..k this guy or screw that nigger or stuffs like that when I see codes that pissed me off(i dont say it to the programmers face lol). When something says something or does something funny, i will say that dude is f..king crazy. I found out that I use the profanities more when I am programming, around computers or around other programmers. And my case is somewhat mild compared to some of the other programmers I converse with. One dude in one of the companies I have worked for used the word so much so that management passed a “no F word before 4pm rule!”.

Today I was directiing someone to do something for me over yahoo messenger, He said the thing will take about 40mins to complete, I expected it to take less than 15 mins and the next thing I typed was b…ls**t. The guy responded with “what is that?” and then I realised I have used the profanity word with someone I shouldnt have used it with. This is not the first time something like this is occurring.

My question is, is this a programmers’ trait or is it just me?



  1. +1… I say a lot of profanities, specially when I open legacy code… lol 🙂

  2. Richard L Buckley said

    I suggest that you try for clarity in the words you use.
    Off words digress from what you want the widest audience
    to listen to and even try to understand.

  3. joe said

    I think this is just you. I have been programming a long time and I don’t find it needful to be profane about either my successes or my failures. I have worked with people who curse but not nearly as much as you seem to. Usually, cursing to this extent is regarded as a sign of immaturity. Are you a young programmer? If not, perhaps there is someone that you can discuss this problem with. Maybe a relative, a friend, a pastor, or a psychologist. Good luck.

  4. Laszlo Kishalmi said

    Answering your question, as a programmer, I have no f**n idea!

  5. alonso said

    I dont get why you use * to I guess censor some words like ass and then you just go on and type nigger which could actually offend someone. The profanity definitely does not make you look very professional. Maybe it makes you cool in your circle of geek friends but you should not take it outside.

  6. alonso said

    I forgot to add I am a programmer and I do say or think these things some time, but I rarely like like that to other people and very very rarely actually type them.

  7. Joe said

    I think this is typical, and expected:

    * Most developers are male, more likely to curse than the females

    * Put in situation where they are in the “back office” away from the customers and the press (and yes the females) where it is not so important to speak professionally at all times

    * Given a task which is at different times both extremely rewarding (“F**k Yeah!!”) and extremely frustrating (“OMG this is bulls**t”)

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