Java(TM) ME Platform 3.0 – Netbeans Platform based

There are so many cool things about the new j2me platform, but the coolest of them is that it is Netbeans Platform based. I am kinda used to the Netbeans Interface that when I saw it, I almost jumped from my seat with ecstasy(hummn that word!).

Anyway that is not all. The truth is that I am not very happy with the way netbeans generates codes for me when I am using it for j2me, I never did complain about this, but it seems the designers of this platform were reading my mind. The platform is really very stripped down.

Also, the emulators are far better than in 2.5.2(so we expected) but not on this scale. They were far far better than far far better could describe.

It also has support for javafx mobile(is that good news? you bet it is). It also has support for BD-J, LWUIT, and a whole lot more.

Setting up new emulators is also very easy, the whole netbeans platform base is a very very wise design decision.

I can also test directly on my pocket pc. This feature is also very cool.

The coolest feature however I think is the way it handles RecordStores. Most times when I am developing, and I need to store records. I find myself gooing to delete the created records after every run. This is not so with the 3.0 platform. when you run your app normally, and you shut down the emulator, it wipes all residual data left behind. To make data permanent, you will have to run via OTA(which makes a whole lot of sense).

You can call me a Netbeans fanatic, but I think most of these cool features are as a result of the decision to use the Netbeans Platform. Good things have a way of having “goodly spiral effects”.


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