Programmers or Comedians?

I read this somewhere

There’s something weird about software development, some mystical quality, that makes all kinds of people think they know how to do it. I’ve worked at dotcom-type companies full of liberal arts majors with no software experience or training who nevertheless were convinced that they knew how to manage software teams and design user interfaces.

This is weird, because nobody thinks they know how to remove a burst appendix, or rebuild a car engine, unless they actually know how to do it, but for some reason there are all these people floating around who think they know everything there is to know about software development.

Its pathetic because you see a lot of them tout certifications as if it’s ever a yard stick to measure how good they are? I wonder if I will be glad to allow a Doctor perform a brain surgery on me just because he knows how to treat malaria, or because he just graduated from medical school. They boast and brag about things they know nothing about. My boss will say they are name droppers. Myself and my friends have a name for them, we call ’em comedians. What else they could be? I interviewed one of them for a programming post in my company. Since he said he does Java Programming as a hobby and that he even has a mobile game he wrote in java that talks to a JSF back-end. The back-end itself relies heavily on hibernate as persistence layer(now isn’t that wonderful?). He has about three certifications..if not four. (CCNP, MCST and SCSA), I asked what IDE he is conversant with(expecting to hear Netbeans so that I could add a +1 to nigerians that use netbeans poll I am secretly compiling), his reply was “Websphere, JBoss, etc” isn’t that what a comedian will say?



  1. righteous said

    I think “Comedian” is too charitable a term to use. I’d drop the euphemism and call them what they are – jackasses!

  2. Solomon said

    Why ‘nigerian’? What is its significance in this ?

  3. @righteous i’m being nice
    @solomon I really don’t get your question

    • Solomon said

      How does this incident relate to Nigeria, and its citizens? As in the context below:

      “(expecting to hear Netbeans so that I could add a +1 to nigerians that use netbeans poll I am secretly compiling)”

  4. Me said

    The title is stupid and the point of the article is unclear. What does this have to do Nigeria, by the way? Vice versa.

    I guess it supports my view that every supposed programmer thinks he or she is a writer.

    • @Solomon,
      I really dont see why Nigeria is the only thing you could see from this. The article topic didn’t say Nigeria anywhere, and if I had removed this from the article
      “(expecting to hear Netbeans so that I could add a +1 to nigerians that use netbeans poll I am secretly compiling)”, will the article still make sense, if the answer is yes, then I think I need to explain that when you are writing and you put a parenthesis, it means “This is just for clarity/emphasis’ sake” The text that is causing this arguement is an answer to the question “Why did you ask what IDE he is using?” Now you might ask that question and you might not, but the point is, the text in the parenthesis is not the reason for this article, the reason for the article is boldly printed all over it. If you can’t see it, ask someone who speaks english.(just kidding)

      The only reason I approved your comment is so that you will see this reply. In my opinion(and I am not a very nice person), calling the title of the article stupid is not a very nice thing to say…..except of course you are a comedian!

      Also in my opinion, every supposed programmer might not be a writer, but ALL the good ones are.

      • Solomon said


        I take it you are of Nigerian decent, if your full name is not just adopted. But your title might have been fitting had it been for a Nigerian audience, or an audience in the Ghana, Nigeria, etc. sub-region. I am not saying its distasteful either. But, …what is the catch..?

        With all that Nigerians have had a reputation for, please give your folks a break. Unless, of course,…when this whole thing about Nigerians started, many in the African region thought it was courageous and funny, Nigerians could deceive very many money-hungry professionals in the ‘Western’ world…. If you wish to inform of the new trend among Nigerian professionals, then by all means, go on.

        But the whole world knows Nigerians are smart, but when they become ‘hungry’, they all act like lawyers. Now that is what I call a joke.

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