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where is my java book

aiight, it’s been a while now since I did any serious java developement. I have been playing with some awesome languages, key of them being erlang. I have waddled in the pool with scala, and python and a little bit of scheme. Not to mention the ubiquitous PHP. But hey guys, java is like that old gf u know. u see this new sleezy (sorry about the word) girl, good looking and hummmmmmn, u went after her like mad. After some time, what do you do? you come back home to your old faithful gf. So I am back to my old faithful gf, and so as to pacify her(everytime i run off with another girl, I always try and make it up to her), I am picking up both hibernate and spring at the same time. I have never given anyone of them serious thought, but now is the time, and by the time the app I am building comes out. Java would have taken up her rightful place in my codevilla.


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