I cant but ask myself how some softwares are built. If softwares developers are architects, by now the world would have run out of space.

Flex builder 425Mb VS Netbeans(the whole package. php, java, j2ee+struts+jsf, uml, css+javascript+html, python, javafx, c/c++ etc) 200+Mb

Flex builder Eclipse Plugin 300MB VS Ark Linux(whole operatiing system) 200+Mb

Flex Builder Linux eclipse plugin 177Mb VS Netbeans6.5 for javafx 65Mb

Acrobat 9(a dvd. thats a massive 4gigg) VS Sumatra pdf reader(less than 5mb) Open Office can create pdf, Okular can do all the other funky stuffs a pdf reader can/should do(okular + openoffice is less than 500Mb)

This just got me thinking, and I am only thinking aloud.



  1. huh? said

    Was there actually a point to this? Perhaps you should think to yourself instead.

  2. no harm in thinking in black and white, is there? my point is Adobe should do something and do it fast. No point in bloatwares, what I want is software

  3. Anarchy said

    The Flex builder 3 comes with JRE (70MB), a number of Plugins making up 185MB when installed and two SDKs.

    Can’t find much bloat in there … sure you can take out the JDK and make multiple versions with less Plugins and so on, but i really don’t care if it’s 425MB or 200MB.

  4. JRE is 18Mb on linux, 15 on windows.

    Is JDK up to 70Mb? I think someone should check it up, i used apt-get to install it so I might not know the correct size.

    But all the same, open-office came bundled with JRE too isn’t it?

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