Jarminal – Java Interactive Shell

Jarminal is to Java what the python shell is to Python

Now jarminal is a linux tool. I will only just post the man page here. Any linux person should be able to read the man page and understand what it does.

jarminal(1)                        Jarminal                        jarminal(1)

jarminal – a java interactive shell

jarminal [option] [command]

GNU General Public License

jarminal is a java interactive shell.
Jarminal  emulates  the  python shell and provides a means of executing
java commands interactively.
The normal procedure to executing the smallest java code is

· create the java file

· compile the java file

· execute the java class created from step 2 above

This might not be effective if all you want to do is test  if  a  small
code snippet will work or not.
This  shortcoming  has been the strenght of languages like python where
you can test some code snippets
before you finally include them in your project.
Jarminal makes this interactive shell functionality available  to  java
programmers too.

-e  | –execute escapedstring You can use this option to execute a java
code without starting the interactive terminal

SAMPLE jarminal -i “System.out.println(\”Hello World\”);”
NOTE that the Hello World is escaped, and the  final  semi-colon
is inside the string

-i | –interactive This command will start the interactive terminal.

In this mode, you dont have to escape strings
Classes  can  be  defined  and they are available throughout the
interactive session
class declaration can span multiple lines
You can import java packages and they are  available  throughout
the session
Except  for the above, previous commands dont have any effect on
the new command
To execute a block of code (normally across multiple lines)  use
a open and close brace { }
Control Structures can span multiple lines

jarminal>> System.out.println(“Hello World”);
Hello World
jarminal>> public class One {
public void writeSomething(String something) {
jarminal>>   new   One().writeSomething(“jarminal   is  sooooooo
jarminal is sooooooo cool
jarminal>> for(int i=0; i<5; i++) {
new One().writeSomething(String.valueOf(i));
jarminal>> import javax.swing.*;
jarminal>>  JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null,   “jarminal   on

-h | –help [fqcn]

Displays a minimal description of how to use jarminal if fqcn is
not supplied
fqcn – Fully Qualified Class Name.
If   a   fully   qualified   class   name   is   provided    e.g
java.util.Hashtable jarminal displays a javadoc help page.
But for this to work, you have to configure the java doc path in
the config file /etc/jarminal.conf

The javadoc help functionality can  also  be  invoked  from  the
interactive shell.

SAMPLE jarminal>> help java.awt.Dimension


0.1                            02 February 2008                    jarminal(1)

The source code is available on github.

EDIT: moved to gitorious http://gitorious.org/jarminal
you can get the rpm too there.

My next work is to make it a netbeans plugin. If anyone could take this up however, I will be more than happy.



  1. Erik G said

    Pardon my ignorance, but how is this different from BeanShell (JSR-274)?

    • The truth is I have never heard of BeanShell till now. In fact if I had known of BeanShell I wouldn’t have gone ahead to do all that work. But its good anyway, some times we all have to come out of some kind of shell. lol

      Thanks for the post. At least I can say one useful and important thing that blogging has done for me is make me know about beanshell. lol

      • I have just looked at beanshell, its quite different from what I have in mind with jarminal. I think you should download jarminal, use it and compare it to beanshell. You will see that they behave differently. Someone just told me about MVEL and I am checking it out too. Thanks anyway

      • and I have looked at MVEL too. It does some and not all of the things I want. I think I will just join the MVEL development team.

  2. Alan McKean said

    I will be looking at Jarminal but I wanted to alert you to the Scala shell. You can get it at http://www.scala-lang.org. I have been using it as a Java scripting tool for over a year now and I like it a lot.

    • Thank, I use scala too, And I used the shell. Jarminal was concieved before I started using scala.

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