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Linux Battery Monitor

Its funny how sometimes you “stumble” on some things. I have been thinking to myself “wont you dosomething cool to wrap up the year with?” I have quite a number of ideas but I dont seem to be able to summon up strength to start any.

But of recent, I have to re-organise my box, so I decided to just format it(I havent done that in a while). So I copied my home directory and blam! formated the box. I wanted to install a lightweight OS, so I chose a version of Ubuntu that is lightweight, comes with xfce and all that. The only problem is, it doesnt have a graphical battery monitor! After searching online for an xfce battery monitor with no success, I decided to write a shell script that prints to one of my consoles. I did that in no time, and whenever I want to check my battery status, I switch to the terminal. If I dont want to switch, I just run the shell script from the terminal. Works well for a geek, but for a user, it sucks. So I decided to give it a UI.

I have not done java for a while(I have been engrossed in scala and erlang) so I decided to do a little java(plus I just need an excuse to start Netbeans again after a long spell of VIM). So I built the UI, far far less complicated than I thought and yea, it works.

Keep your fingers crossed, you will get the source and rpm first thing 2009.

Merry XMAS and Happy New Year….see you on the other side of 8


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