HashQuel: A Java Attempt at DDS

We are releasing HashQuel 0.9RC1 tomorrow. That is we are officially saying, go try it out.

The project is hosted at http://gitorious.org/projects/hashquel. There are details on how to pull the full source code from that repository on the site.

In case you were wondering what HashQuel is, simply put its a Distributed Hashtable Implementation in Java. The major technology behind it is RMI. Nothing more nothing less. This of course is apart from Junit, Ant and Log4j. You will also need a working mysql server installed in case you want to persist your data.

There are quite a number of DDS out there, so why write another one. Well one it is cool, two, you get to know that you can really do it, three, NONE has been done using RMI, four, the Java solutions out there are either incomplete or too grandiose, five, Most of them good ones have too many buzz words around them, six…….

This is an attempt to create a simple, usable distributed hashtable implementation using just RMI. You dont have to know RMI to be able to use HashQuel. We have taken the pain to encapsulate so much of the trouble of connecting to the RMI Server, creating a stub, etc. All the developer needs is a jar file. Two to be precise, one is the server, the other is the client.

A detailed description is available with the source code online. This is a rather new project so we lag behind a bit in terms of documentation. But since most people that we envisaged to use HashQuel are developers, they could learn a lot from the javadoc and the tests bundled with the source.

Visit the site, pull the source, read the README and try it out. We will welcome comments and criticisms either here or on http://naijadukes.net

For those willing to join the project, mail to trinisoftinc@gmail.com


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