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King Solomon’s Mines

Well that is not a movie as u might be guessing, its my latest J2ME mobile game, I call it that bcos dt is the movie that spurned my interest in writing the game

I just completed the 1.0 beta and I am releasing it for testing tomorow mornig, for those interested, I will host the source code at, under the project froggle(I cant go thru the hassle of creating another project fork for it)

The file(executable) will be hosted at and sourceforge

A little more detailed description here

Watch out for

Carmen Santiago

Well all thanks to Netbeans and J2ME WTK 🙂


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Code Snippet of the week

public   void clearTable(JTable table)
int numRows = table.getRowCount();
int numCols = table.getColumnCount();
javax.swing.table.TableModel model = table.getModel();

for (int i=0; i < numRows; i++)
for (int j=0; j < numCols; j++)
model.setValueAt(null, i, j);


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