South Africa != Africa

I read an article of recent talking about the price of iPhone been dropped to $200 dollars IN SOUTH AFRICA. This really is d last straw that broke the camels back. When will manufacturers realise that Africa is bigger than south africa. Sun Microsystems is also guilty, developers and technology users elsewhere have been ignored. Please South Africa != Africa. Stop judging Africa by the yardstick of South Africa, please tell Steve Jobs, we need the iPhone in Nigeria too.

What is more annoying is that I have to order for my iPod charger from UK! it should not be, in Nigeria alone I know millions of people who will love to own a iPod or iPhone but are afraid because of costs in purchasing parts and servicing. This applies to so many other products. One vivid example is that the only JUG in the whole of Africa is in South Africa! Please stop this and spread to other parts of africa too. Apple, Sun, Microsoft, Google, HP, all are guilty!



  1. I get that you’re sad/angry about being neglected technology-wise in Nigeria. My comment centres around your “vivid example” of Sun’s neglect of Africa.

    User Groups are groups started by… guess what… users. Someone with a passion for getting a Java community going in their country needs to start and run the group. Check out this link for more details:

    You want a JUG? Start one. Sun won’t do it for you – they haven’t done it for anyone else.

  2. Not really angry at Sun, not just Sun, I have a JUG but what’s d use when its not recognised, I have guys wu have started b4 me, they said I will get tired and give up too. This is not about Sun or JUG, its about the fact that, I want an iPhone and I cant get it (lol)

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