Version Control : Netbeans beats ’em all

Although most of the time I do sole-development….I still use version control a lot…my tool of choice is mercurial and i’ve been using it for quite a while now….i do all my version controls at the command line…and I am quite happy…or so I thought….Sincerely I dont know when the version control was introduced to netbeans…but I was perusing through the menu and I saw it..I played with it a little and more than I expected Netbeans blew my mind…

First every of the commands I issue at cmd prompt are now visually represented and all I have to do now is click and go.

Next…My outputs are now by far better than what it used to be…the outputs are now well arranged so I dont have to look for where what is and what is not.

And this is what blew my mind…Now as I write my code I can visually see what has changed since my last commit, what has been deleted, what has been added etc….the developement team of Netbeans had really done a good job..the colouring scheme is superb red arrow points to where line has been deleted…green stripe says new lines have been added…blue says lines have been changed…pointing the mouse also gives u a tool-tip of what the color means….and again visually I can revert these changes by click of a mouse…

Finally, Netbeans supports three of the most popular versioning systems, Mercurial, CVS and Subversion….

If you take versioning serious in your development process, you just need to try out the versioning system built into Netbeans..and as usual..there is no Rocket Science involved in using it…it takes only a few minutes even if you have not used version control before

Netbeans….My IDE of Choice



  1. Lorenzo Jimenez said

    Well Eclipse supports more VCS than Netbeans. For example, Eclipse supports Microsoft Visual Source Safe 6, and Netbeans does not.

    Also Eclipse supports more java servers than Netbeans. For example jetty and geronimo.

    So what you think.

  2. Well, what do I think, I have not used Eclipse’s CVS before but with what I see on Netbeans, I was really blown away…I do my mercurial using the terminal(command line) so a deviation from that is really something to write about…what do you think?(lol)

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